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We’ve all had it happen: shower cubicle seals lose their elasticity after just a few years, turn yellow and become unsightly or mechanically and chemically overloaded. Shower cubicle sears are subject to natural ageing from everyday use and are consumable items that require periodic replacement.

For almost all manufacturers of shower cubicles, we have the right seals in stock and ready to deliver at any time.

You can also find the complete range of our shower seals for almost all manufacturers in our mk webshop:

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The range is divided into profiles with and without magnets, for 4.8–5 mm, 6–8 mm, 8–10 mm and 10–12 mm glass thicknesses.

Ready-made rods are available in the following lengths: 2,010 mm, 2,200 mm and 2,500 mm.


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